Tiger Woods Record in Major Tournaments

It can not be denied that Tiger Woods has some exceptional talent. In 1997, Tiger Woods won his very first major tournament at the young age of 21. It seems that 1998 got even better for Tiger Woods. Finally, in 1999 Woods has eight consecutive wins which included the PGA Championship.

In 2000, Woods tied tournament records which included 6 consecutive wins. In addition, Woods achieved the “Grand Slam” which is quite an accomplishment especially for a 24 year old man. By the end of 2000, Tiger Woods had won nine PGA Tour events.

Sports Illustrated named Tiger Woods the “Twentieth Best” golfer of all time. It seems as the years went by Woods skill in golf continued to improve. By the end of the 2001 golf season, Woods held “Four” professional golf titles.

Tiger Woods did have a few mediocre golf seasons. However, he began to gain some real momentum. In 2005, Woods successfully won six PGA Tour money events. The 2005 season brought Tiger Woods 12 major wins for that season.

Woods achieved a major victory over Rocco Mediate. It seems even Mediate was quite impressed with Woods skill and expertise. In 2011 Masters Tournament Woods tied for fourth place. This was considered a victory for Woods because he had just recovered from knee surgery.

It seems from 2013 through 2015 Tiger Woods has some mishaps which caused him to miss games. Some games which Woods did participate were not big wins for Woods as they had been in past seasons.

Tiger Woods was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. This is quite an honor for a sports figure such as Tiger Woods. Woods was also inducted into the California Museum for History and the Arts in Sacramento California.

The Associated Press followed Tiger Woods career extensively. The Associated Press named Woods “Male Athlete of the Year” In addition, the Associated Press also named Tiger Woods “Sportsman of the Year” on more than one occasion.

Tiger Woods certainly earned his place in sports history. Tiger Woods seems to have changed golf for the better. Woods gained considerable popularity and has done many endorsements over the past 15 years. Woods became a successful marketing tool for a variety of major companies.

Tiger Woods also won over 35 European Tour Wins. In addition, Woods won a total of two Japan Tour Wins during his golf career. Woods amateur wins include 18 or more. Tiger Woods also won tournaments within the 100th and 200th tour starts. Woods is only one of five players that was able to win Four professional major championships within his golf career.

Woods demonstrated his exceptional talent every time he was on the golf course. Tiger Woods certainly profited from his abilities. In 2010 it was estimated that Tiger Woods has a wealth rating which was well into the Billions. Tiger Woods has been involved with many charitable causes over the years. Therefore, it can never be said that Tiger Woods did not give back to the less fortunate.

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